Jan 15

How to Fix The Conservative Culture Crisis


When did we become so out of touch that we blame the Republican loss of a presidential election on the party’s ability to appeal to hispanics more? Isn’t that as true with the black community? With females? With anyone?! What’s the point in even trying to snidely plot a talking point intended to affect someone based on such superficial things as the color of their skin? Are we the party of free thinkers, or has our leadership, as well as much of our out-of-touch right-leaning media, completely given up on trying to separate themselves ideologically from the Democratic party, who routinely caters to varying ethnicities with extreme, tribalistic prejudice?

There seems to be this common misconception that the Democrat Party’s victories should result in the Republican adaptation of their corrupt, prejudice strategies, but then who does the right become but just another collective group of wannabes and cowards afraid to speak and govern by the principles they ran their campaigns on?

While compromising the values of the right is out of the question, there is one thing we can learn from the Democrats: their ability to insert their message into various forms of entertainment.

Bunny gives Perdie some advice on how to reach out to pop-culture, in Times Square.
Perdie moves to NYC in search of answers necessary to preserve the culture of American Independence.

You see, most people do not seek to become informed, but rather entertained. Entertainment gives us emotions that are desirable for achieving instant gratification. Sadly, this is why youtube videos of cats speaking “I love you” (while I’m certain the intent of the feline is far more malicious) go viral almost instantly while a clip of Milton Freedman speaking about zero-sum gain philosophy can easily go ignored by all but a handful of people, in comparison to the talking cat.

So how do we inform those who would rather desire to be entertained? It’s simple. Have the talking cat speak about zero-sum gain philosophy!

We need to insert our provocative ideas into various forms of entertainment. Entertainment has a direct impact on our culture in that the people watching often seek to emulate the actors, characters (the route that Amanda Read and I are pursuing with our narrative film efforts), and singers whom they personally identify with. A popular dance/song like Gangnam Style comes to mind, (as distasteful as some of the artist’s other songs are) and serves as the perfect example of a piece of entertainment that creates an immeasurable wave of imitation by those who find the song to be exceedingly gratifying.

Another more personal experience comes to mind when thinking about the cult classic, The Matrix. I cannot even begin to express how many times I heard friend of mine speculate on the possibility that we all could TECHNICALLY be a part of some expansive computer program without truly realizing it. Would these friends of mine have given this idea so much thought without the epic fight scenes, special effects, iconic dialogue, and most importantly, strong characters who create the desire for endless amounts of teenagers to imitate Neo by wearing black trench coats?

We must create the desire for people to imitate characters who carry thought-provoking limited-government themes. If the right is to succeed in this endeavor, it must first free itself from the stereotypical chains the far left seeks to identify them by, and thus become unpredictable.

Amanda Read and I have decided that our method of using entertainment to reach individuals will be to produce narrative film content. This is why I’m moved to New York City. I’m getting ready to produce the content with like-minded actors, and filmmakers (which NYC has many of) and Amanda is in Ohatchee, Alabama (check out my visit with Amanda and the Read family and friends)  working on the screenplays. We will be working with many talented individuals (such as Amanda’s own family) to bring truth to those who are subjected unfairly to propaganda on a consistent basis.

If those who are politically apathetic aren’t interested enough to listen to the truth when asked to, then we shall entertain them with truth!


  1. Tracy Thompson

    As long as the idea of free-thought is not compromised. To cater to the entertainment wants and needs of the masses in order to bring a message that is uncompromising in its message of fiscal and personal responsibility is to walk a dangerous tightrope at the same time staring into an abyss of immorality and state sanctioned elitism.

    The analogy of the Matrix is a good example. The existentialism of the movie’s message is aped by many, but understood by few. When attempting to enlighten your audience, remember that you are trying to bend them to your will as much as the “enemy” is. They are the spoon. It is not the spoon that changes. There is no spoon.

  2. Tami

    Excellent, Matt!

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