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Romans XIII

Virtus stops on the sidewalk

Romans XIII (currently in production) is a fictional narrative 13-part webseries  about a hardened, skeptical journalist, Virtus Coolidge (Kaiser Johnson), brought into Novo Media by the network’s jovial, larger-than-life founder Andrew Romans (Michael Golden).

During the week of Novo Media’s annual convention, the social justice organization One Body is hosting a “Demand Unity!” rally nearby.

Andrew and Virtus follow a pseudonymous tipper’s lead and stealthily acquire a peculiar cross-shaped flash drive from a laptop at the rally. When a Novo Media colleagueMaximus fire suddenly dies a few days later, the flash drive’s contents lead Virtus into an unlikely alliance with Novo Media’s soft-spoken, glamorous Biblical scholar Sincerity Newton (Stacey Bradshaw) as they race to unravel the tactics of Alinsky’s 13 rules for radicals being implemented in an entire state.


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