May 01

Meet Matt Perdie: A Young Conservative Filmmaker


Below is an excerpt of an article written by Anna Maria Hoffman of Counter Cultured.

Click here to read the full interview. 


Matt Perdie is a Millennial who is passionate about making quality films focused on conservative ideas. His past projects include filming or editing conservative videos, interviews, and films. These include Justen Charters’ music video “Six Trillion Dollar Man,” Smart Girl Politics videos, Romans XIII (a conservative web series), Tea Party News Network CPAC interviews, Tea Party: The DocumentaryRunaway SlaveStand Down Benghazi, and Perdie Across AmericaYou can view a summary of his work here.

Matt brings a fresh perspective to the conservative movement on film. He understands we can only best present our ideas to the American people by making them visually appealing and engaging. In fact, he wrote a blog post on his website about how conservatives can become better filmmakers, which is a great read.

Matthew Perdie conservative filmmaker

I recently interviewed Matt to discuss why he got involved in politics and how he anticipates to make a difference in the conservative movement through filmmaking.”

Click here to read the full interview. 


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