Feb 16

Politicians vs Corporations – Who is More To Blame For Government Corruption?


Many of us question very often who is mostly to blame for funding the Washington D.C. corrupt political class. Politicians vs Corporations. There’s certainly something happening behind the scenes that is keeping these corrupt elected officials in power, but what is it?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been slowly reading through a book written by Peter Schweizer called Extortion. I originally gave the book as a Christmas present to my father a little over a year ago, and he actually recommended that I pick it up. I was an instant fan of the book. One thing in Extortion that really stood out to me was the author’s bipartisan criticism of corrupt actions taken by members of both parties. This was an author interested in the truth, not in advancing one party or the other.

In the book, Peter tackles the popular belief that corporate bribes are mostly to blame for funding the corrupt permanent political class. Take a look at my video book review of Extortion below to get an idea of what this book is all about:

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