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Perdie Productions was founded in 2009 when Matthew Perdie began a walk across the United States, during which he launched production of the documentary series, Perdie Across America. During the course of the walk, as well as soon after, Perdie (who had been working in the video production industry prior to the walk) was hired on a number of video production and editing gigs relating to the fields of politics and journalism.

Ever since 2009, Perdie Productions has provided exceptional video production and editing services to a large variety of clients across the country. Perdie Productions offers its film production services to anyone in need of them, particularly Christian film productions.

There are many accounts of high-profile politicians having a trust issue with filmmakers that they previously worked with. Motivations aside, in the uncertain and turbulent world of politics, journalism and non-profits, there is no margin of error that is acceptable when it comes to reliability and trustworthiness. It is for this reason that Perdie Productions also provides participants in the political process with high quality video production services that can be relied upon.

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An interview of Matt Perdie by Anna Maria Hoffman of Counter Cultured.

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