May 28

Review of Perdie Across America Featured on Next Generation Voters!


Bethany Bowra, the young and benevolent founder of Next Generation Voters, has done me the honor of reviewing the first Chapter of Perdie Across America. Here is an excerpt from Bethany’s review:

Without principles, America as we know it does not exist. We have to keep principles in high esteem if we want to remain that “shining city on a hill.” Perdie places emphasis on the fact that we must restore our principles. He explains that without principles such as integrity, we will continue this downward spiral and our free-market, prosperous society can and will never return.

Click here to view the full article.

It felt great to have this series be reviewed by such a passionate individual such as Bethany. Her love for this country is evident when you read the posts on her site: www.NextGenerationVoters.com

The thing that actually pleased me the most was the fact that Bethany truly understood what it was that I was trying to communicate. I’m sure that her skills with listening, comprehension, and writing will prove valuable to the fight for freedom in the future of this great country.

Patriots, please support this powerful young woman!

Thanks again for the review, Bethany!

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  1. Bethany Bowra

    It was my pleasure!

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