Sep 15

Auditions for Romans XIII – The 13-Part Webseries


ROMANS XIII (13) is a fictional drama/comedy web series that follows the unlikely camaraderie of an agnostic investigative journalist and a Christian historian as they navigate the obstacles of new media politics, apathetic and psychotic friends, and forbidden love to expose a group of radicals that is advancing a dangerous agenda with a very unusual type of hit list.

Story: Investigative blogger Virtus Coolidge thinks little of the flash drive given to him by new media mogul Andrew Romans until Romans’ sudden death. Virtus discovers he has inherited a mysterious list that intertwines the fate of his friends and possibly his country.

Where: Longleaf Studios in Jacksonville, AL (1 O’Connell Ave, Jacksonville, AL)

Thursday, Oct. 10th  – 10am to 5pm
Friday, Oct. 11th       – 10am to 5pm
Sunday, Oct. 13th     – 12pm to 5pm
Friday, Oct. 18th       – 10am to 5pm
Saturday, Oct. 19th   – 10am to 5pm

Seeking men and women of various ages, ethnicities to fill the roles of:

Virtus Coolidge – Quiet, no-nonsense type man in his mid-late 20s
Sincerity Newton – Elegant academic, vintage style belle in her early-mid 20s
Finnegan – Lazy beach bum type in his mid 20s
Meryl Godivan – Bombshell lawyer, broadcaster type in her mid-late 20s
Max Stalwart – Gaston-type theatrical man in his early 30s, perhaps with beard and/or ponytail
Jason Fillmore – Cool modern dude type in his mid 20s
Bob MacIntosh – Grumpy old school journalist type in his 50s
Ariana Smith – Shy Einsteinette type in her early 20s
Richie Friedman – Dapper, soft-spoken Southern gentleman in his early 30s
Peter Douglas – Pensive African American political candidate in his late 30s-40s
Gray Stoyle – Reverend and professor, slightly British accented, in his 50s-60s
Alexander Sarkov – Grouchy organizer with some semblance of a 1920s gangster in his 40s-50s
Karl Wayward – Frustrated lobbyist type in his 20s-30s
Walter Black – Artsy, metro barista type in his late 20s
Andrew Romans – Husky, jovial new media mogul in his 40s
Jeannie Lou – Sincerity’s chatty Cajun aunt, in her early 50s

To schedule online auditions, to forward us a recorded audition, or to find out more information, please send us an email at romansxiiiseries@gmail.com.

(RSVP for auditions at Longleaf Studios is appreciated, but not necessary)

Please follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RomansXIII
and Like our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/RomansXIII

Filming will begin in November. The location will be within a 100 mile radius of Jacksonville, Alabama but mostly in/around Jacksonville itself. The length of filming for the first two episodes will likely be about 14 shooting days, give or take. It has not yet been determined how close all of those days will be together, but if you get a lead role, each episode will require 3 to 8 shooting days. Much of the schedule will be determined based on the availability of cast and crew.


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