Perdie Productions was founded in 2009 when Matthew Perdie began a walk across the United States, during which he launched production of the documentary series, Perdie Across America. During the course of the walk, as well as soon after, Perdie (who had been working in the video production industry prior to the walk) was hired on a number of video production and editing gigs relating to the fields politics and journalism. After hearing several accounts of high-profile politicians/journalists losing trust in unreliable filmmakers who they have worked with in the past, Perdie quickly realized that in the uncertain and turbulent worlds of politics, journalism and non-profits, there was a large demand for high quality, reliable and trustworthy video production services.

Since then Perdie Productions has provided exceptional video production and editing services to a large variety of clients across the country.

1911732_10101323142559058_257316035_nAs a company that commits itself to producing entertaining, thought-provoking, and inspiring content, Perdie Productions strives to become the trustworthy video production service provider of choice on issues pertaining to the advancement of freedom and liberty nationwide. Perdie Productions pledges to its clients the utmost care, truth, and precision on all delivered video content.1236526_10152190820448819_1287655828_n

The staff at Perdie Productions thoroughly loves the art of cinematography, editing, and creative production. Members of this production company also thrive on the challenge of continuously advancing their own skills in the field of production, and have an unrivaled passion for storytelling.

The unique strengths of Perdie Productions include fast-paced editing, use of 4k video to create very sharp 1080p resolution images, and video content that utilizes an exciting cinematic style (as opposed to the usual bland corporate look many filmmakers in the industry subscribe to), all while providing its clients with powerful videos that will provoke emotion, critical thinking, and entertainment.

Perdie Productions will not hesitate to take on clients dealing with controversial content. If you have a story that the mainstream media won’t cover, it’s safe to say your narrative will be in good hands with Perdie Productions.

To hire Perdie Productions, or for any inquiries, contact Matthew Perdie at: perdiefilms@gmail.com